The Pinnacle of Productivity™

Coming soon, a new productivity system which combines best practices with software suites designed to maximize your company's growth.


Your unique instance of Pursuits XRM™ requires only a Web browser. On-premise, managed appliances are also available.

Affordable Pricing

The unique pricing model of Pursuits XRM™ is designed to grow only when your business grows.

Easy to Use

Everyone says it, but Pursuits XRM™ really delivers. The simplest thing that works™ is out motto, which translates into unparalleled easy of use.

Built on Best Practices

Pursuits XRM™ is built on numerous good/best practices and supported by expert consultants. The various software suites of Pursuits help align your processes with proven techniques for tackling strategy and planning as well as daily operations.

Integrated for Maximum Productivity

The integrated software suites of Pursuits XRM™ provide exceptional synergy across all areas of the organization. The goals and objectives of your organization may be reflected across all aspects of your operations, leading to massive productivity toward the things that really matter to your business.

Easy to Use & Customize

After more than a decade of building custom productivity software, we've learned that productivity is personal. People work and get things done in different ways. Adopting a new tool can be difficult and ease of use is paramount. Pursuits XRM™ allows easy customization of work while maintaining the overall principles of good productivity practices.

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